An Ode to My 3 Superheroes #Undiagnosed


I have three superhero children,
Two siblings and the unique GG,
They truly are so incredible,
It is evident for all to see.

First there is the fab big sister,
So responsible beyond her years,
So caring, patient and loveable,
But living with way too many fears.

Next up comes our condundrum GG,
Still undiagnosed despite being eight,
So brave through her many challenges,
Fingers crossed for answers we wait.

Finally comes the younger brother,
Full of fun and so much energy,
He adores GG and never hits back,
To aggression he responds so kindly.

The impact of being undiagnosed,
Hits our family across the board,
We need extra help to support us,
It’s not just for GG but for us all.

For years, we struggled, so isolated,
There was no help that we could see,
Then we found out about Swan UK,
Our amazing supportive family.

Syndromes Without a Name (or Swan),
Help more people than we imagined,
We are a mixed bunch of families
All with a genetic condition to find

The info, discussions and knowledge,
Are more than professionals can know,
Days out, coffee morning and parties,
And most importantly the research and hope.

So if you have a few spare pennies,
Please dig deep to support Swan UK,
They are truly our family’s lifeline,
Happy Undiagnosed Children’s Day!

Here is how to donate:

  • TEXT: SWAN18 £3 (or any amount up to £10) to 70070
  • ONLINE: Donate through JustGiving: