The World of Gorgeous Grace: life with a child with an undiagnosed condition.

As mum to Gorgeous Grace, I wanted to share the challenges, highs and lows of raising a disabled child. Known as a SWAN (Syndromes without a name), Gorgeous Grace has a range of issues from epilepsy to learning difficulties to physical challenges. She also teaches us everyday to value what really matters and makes us smile.

The aim of this blog is to share a little of our world, to raise awareness, hopefully make a few people smile and also to help others who find themselves in a similar position. Many of the blogs are written as poems, others are more factual but all are honest and true.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. I am the founder of Rare Revolution Magazine a free digital magazine supporting the rare and undiagnosed disease community. I really loved your blog on “If this was happening to mainstream Children” and wondered if I could have a chat with you about contributing to our blog section of the March edition of the magazine. You can contact me at advertising at rarerevolutionmagazine.com (don’t be put off by the email address I’m not selling you anything.



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