An ode to #changingplaces #dignity #phantomloos! 

There are less than 1000 #changingplaces in the U.K. despite this being the key barrier to disabled children and adults accessing every day activities. Just imagine not being able to go to the loo in a dignified way when out of the house. This Halloween please share this poem to raise awareness of #phantomloos……

An ode to #changingplaces

Now every parent will tell you of nappy changing horrors,
We empathise and laugh together at the highly amusing stories,
I, too, join in the fun, giggling about poo and wee,
But as ‘Gorgeous Grace’ gets bigger, it has stopped being quite so funny.

So, where haven’t we changed her nappy is probably easiest to start,
Too big for ‘baby changing areas’ – most common place now is the car,
On the grass if the weather is fine, it’s not really dignified,
But the worst by far, the public toilet floor, it leaves you horrified

We don’t have too many choices, unless we stay home all day,
We went to France, had a lovely time, until there was a poo on the ferry,
‘Non, vous cannot use zee medical room’ the toilet floor will have to do,
But it’s filthy, there’s no privacy, I just want to protect you.

The playground, café, supermarket, shops, they all present a challenge,
The soft play area, swimming pool, it really makes me cringe,
For now, GG is not too fussed, just wriggles to make it ‘more fun’ 🙂
But what about later, she’s getting bigger and won’t want people looking at her bum.

The frustrating part is that people don’t want to help, no-one seems to care,
Instead they walk on, avert their eyes or even worse they stare,
It’s not a lot we’re asking for – just a changing place,
The gauntlet laid, the challenge set – who will provide that place?

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