An Ode to Mothers Day

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So being a mum to Gorgeous Grace is a privilege and a huge pleasure,
The cutest grin, infectious giggle, GG really is a treasure,
The joy on her face when we race, or play horsey on the floor,
The cuddles I sneak,  I love to watch you sleep, you are so pure

Of course I find it hard sometimes and struggle with the guilt,
‘oh no’ they say, ‘it wasn’t you – it’s definitely not your fault’,
But I’m the one who made you and grew you in my tummy,
The one who gave birth, fed you – it has to be me – I’m your Mummy

People sometimes say ‘You wouldn’t change her – not for all the world’,
But that’s not true, I absolutely would make things better if I could,
Don’t get me wrong, life without you I could never ever contemplate,
With your siblings, my gorgeous girl, you make my world complete

You show me clearly everyday what is important in this world,
Time with you, to enjoy ourselves, together memories we build,
But the therapies and appointments they do get in the way,
We have to try, keep pressing on, and hope it pays back one day

The days you cry when I brush your hair or during physio,
it breaks my heart, I crumple inside, I wish it wasn’t so,
But then we put you in the bath or take you to soft play,
We feed you the cheese you love and suddenly everything is okay

I love the days when you’re on form and we spend time as a family,
The days you squeal ‘bumble’ when I put Mr ‘Tumble’ on the TV,
The days you snuggle up to me and we read a book on the sofa,
The days we play with baby and have fun and games together

Just keeping track of all you need is a mission in itself,
The paperwork and chasing up – I hope it all will help,
But ultimately nothing matters more than your happiness,
and that my darling girl will remain my personal quest.

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