As the end of the year approaches, we are celebrating success,
For Gorgeous Grace there has been lots, as she continues to make progress,
Today, we focus on the positives, the great things that GG has done,
We enter 2015 looking to the future and the daughter who is so much fun.

So happy at her new school, GG is always pleased to be there,
She loves the other children and the staff who genuinely care,
GG is learning so many things we didn’t think she could,
Delighted she joined in the Christmas show, for us it was so good.

The amazing support we receive from friends and family,
The fantastic opportunities from Footsteps and Snowdrop therapy,
The brilliant volunteers at the RDA, who help GG ride a horse,
Plus your fabulous siblings, they deserve a mention too, of course.

GG’s singing is so adorable and there’s certainly a rhyme in her song,
So cute when she sings with actions, and so excited when we sing along,

One of the big surprises of the year – one we did not expect to see,
Was when GG recognised her name, pointed and screeched ‘me’!

The epilepsy still poses a problem but is increasingly under control,
GG takes her medicine willingly – with no fuss at all,
She is sleeping so much better and is a lot happier for it,
She now manages without having to go to bed for a daytime kip.

GG’s hearing test back in June, that came back all clear,
So none of the issues she suffers, are due to problems with her ears,
In January and again July, there were reviews with Orthoptics,
Her eyes can see, the squint no worse, nothing there to fix.

Her feet continue to improve, her walking looking good,
Now she attempts to run as her feet start to move as they should,
Jumping is more tricky, but GG can jump on a trampoline,
As for climbing, she’s made progress, climbing into her chair just fine.

Over the past few weeks, GG has learnt a skill we did not foresee,
She has learnt to use the toilet when she needs to have a wee,
Such an important skill in life and so hard when you can’t communicate,
We are absolutely delighted with her 80% success rate!

So can see there is so much progress, so much to be grateful for,
GG is such a smiley child, you cannot help but adore,
As 2015 begins, we will do all we can to see,
More and more progress this year, to help GG be the best she can be.

#HappyNewYear! #Focusingonthepositives

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