A Cheesy Christmas!

As always at Christmas, this magical time of year,
It’s a time to reflect, for us a time we always shed a tear,
For all the things we wish for, the things you cannot do,
We know some of those wishes, may never come true.

Then we pull ourselves together, and celebrate all we have,
A beautiful, amazing daughter, known as Gorgeous Grace,
So many things you have achieved, we couldn’t be more proud,
Our precious girl, completely unique, you stand out from the crowd.

We are so lucky to have you with us, in good health and safe,
Altogether for Christmas, to have fun and celebrate,
There is so much to be grateful for, we have a fabulous family,
You GG are at its’ heart – the best place for you to be.

You are so excited, shouting ‘Santa’ over and over, so loud!
A year ago, you couldn’t do that, another reason to be so proud,
You understand about presents, better at receiving than giving,
You rip off the paper, not bothered with the contents, it’s all too exciting!

Only our GG, when asked by Santa ‘what would you like?’
Could respond with something that like her, is so unique,
‘CHEESE!’ she screeched repeatedly at the top of her voice,
Has she been good enough, to find in her stocking, her cheesy choice?!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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