Being big sister to Gorgeous Grace

She used to call you Doo Doo so that’s what you answered to,
Now she has named you Doo Dah and still calls you that – so far!
You are the precious big sister, the one that she admires,
She wants to be just like you, she copies you (or at least she tries…)

The two of you, heads together, you play so beautifully,
The hours and hours of fun and games, it makes us smile to see,
The times that you make GG giggle – roll around in glee,
The cuddles that you give her, make her happy – that’s easy to see.

The times she’s angry or tired and pushes, hits and kicks,
We see the confusion in your face, we know it’s hard to take,
But you understand that GG’s different and cannot help herself,
You forgive, you forget and say ‘Oh Grace’ with a smile on your face.

When GG is sad or poorly, you know exactly what to do,
No-one needs to ask – you find blankie, do we remember to say thank you?
You worry when she’s flappy and every time there is a hospital visit,
You put GG first every time, we’ve never seen you hesitate.

Big sister, you are amazing, you are so constantly kind,
You stand up for your GG, a better sister she could not find,
Your patience and your empathy – it’s an incredible mix,
Who would have guessed, no-one could know, that you are only 6.

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